BioAuthorizeET is a time and attendance monitoring system aimed at setting up a foolproof system based on the fingerprint identification technology. The system typically records details such as time of their arrival and departure apart from maintaining relevant information regarding the employees and their department, shifts, location, leaves status etc. The user-friendly device and software eliminates paperwork and time spent in tracking employees; BioAuthorizeET can also be used for related personnel administration functions such as payroll. BioAuthorizeET effectively resolves proxy entry problems common to other employee monitoring systems such as swipe cards.


  •   Uses state-of-the-art fingerprint verification/identification system for maximum security
  •   Available with or without PIN/Rapid Access Code (RAC)
  •   Available as stand-alone and PC based.
  •   Attractive user-friendly interface.
  •   Options to generate different types of reports, which are customizable according to the user requirement.
  •   Administration module to manage employees, department, shift, locations, activities; leave status and other relevant details with respect to       employees.
  •   Web-based management console(optional)
  •   Easy integration with other HR applications


Bioauthorize ET007V
PC based No
Stand-alone Yes
Management console (Windows) Yes
Management console (Web) Yes
Reader Yes
Dual Sensor Yes
Customizable No
Network Compatible Yes
USB Compatible Yes


A secure & Robust Product

The sophisticated, in-built, tamper-proof security features offer unmatched safety against system or program abuse. Even if the system is turned off completely, data is always secure.

Instant Customized Reports

BioAuthorizeET ships with different kinds of reports, which are typically generated in an organization. However, the existing reports can customized to any extent and new reports could be added based on the requirement of the end user. The modules in the Management console of BioAuthorizeET too are open to customization.

User Friendly Setup

BioAuthorizeET can be set up to operate in no time. An employee’s registration can be finished in less than 15 seconds. And BioAuthorizeET does not expect the client to be a 'techie'.

Economical and Easy to Use

BioAuthorizeET offers an easy and economic way of organizing employee related information. It eliminates paperwork and time spent in maintaining employee details.

Internet Ready Management console

BioAuthorizeET can be web-enabled to help companies monitor personnel movement across multiple locations.

Integration with existing applications

BioAuthorizeET can be easily integrated into any existing application used by an organization with respect to attendance, payroll and HR. This is a great advantage to organizations already using these applications, as the HR administrators do not need to disturb their existing practices.

How it works?

The software consists of three modules namely BioAuthorizeET Registration, BioAuthorizeET Time & Attendance Monitor and BioAuthorizeET Management Console.

Registration Module

Employees register through this module by entering name, department and other relevant details. During registration employees are required to 'scan' their fingers on the sensor four times. The process ends when they get a message “‘xxxxx’ registered successfully”. There is also an option for taking photograph of the registering employee and display it each time he is identified.

Time & Attendance Monitor

This section records and displays time of arrival, lunch break, departure and the current status of the employee. During arrival and departure employees ‘identify’ themselves through their registered finger. The finger sensor recognizes their fingerprints and records the required data. The recorded data is displayed in the Time & Attendance monitor in a color that varies with the activity - arrival or departure, for example.

Management Console

This module allows administrators to manage information with respect to employees, departments, shifts, activities, leave, holidays and any other organizational activity that needs to be tracked with respect to the employees. The following are some of the reports that can be generated from BioAuthorizeET:

1. Employee based Activity report
2. Date based activity report
3. Time summary
4. Muster roll based on date, department and shift
5. Absentees based on date, department and shift
6. Late coming based on date, department and shift
7. Early going based on date, department and shift
8. Daily attendance reports based on date, department and shift
9.Employee based leave status reports

What does complete BioAuthorize Package Include?
• BioAuthorizeET Software
• Sensor
• One Year warranty (Except for Physical damage)
• Hard Lock
• User manual
• Free online support

Hardware Specification

Miniature Optical Sensor

The miniature fingerprint sensor is a self-contained unit for capturing a fingerprint and communicating the digital image to a host processor via a USB interface. This small sensor is ideal for attaching to laptop computers, desktop PCs, and other PC equipment where fingerprint authentication is needed. Designed for ease of use it can read a fingerprint at any angle - even upside down. Its USB port capability makes it truly plug-and-play gaining you even easier access to Windows and the Net. It is capable of supporting security features such as the use of a challenge-response protocol to avoid playback attack when communicating with a remote server. Secure images produced by the sensor are only decrypted on a secure server. The low-cost compact fingerprint sensor incorporates precision optics, a LED light source, and a CMOS imager.

Features of the Sensor
• High quality image
• Single, optimum image transmitted
• High speed USB interfaces
• Plug-n-Play
• Small footprint
• Encrypted image data
• Works well with dry, moist, or rough fingerprints
• Rejects fake fingerprints
• Cancels latent fingerprints
• Self-calibrating
• Rugged
• ESD resistant
• Proprietary optics
• Low cost compact design
• No external interfaces cords or power supplies required
• Compatible with Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, 98, and 95 OSR 2.1 (USB)
Hardware Specification of the Sensor
Compatibility Windows 95 OSR 2.1(USB)/98/98SE/NT/ W2K 
All PCs and Laptops with USB support
Fingerprint Matching speed <= 0.3 second on Pentium 3
Fingerprint angular variability Reads at any angle
Fingerprint template data size 128 bits
Size 54 mm (w) x 65 mm (l) x 27 mm (h) (max)
Fingerprint Imaging area 13 mm x 18.1 mm
Imaging 480 dpi (average x and y over image area)
Image capture time <= 0.6 seconds
Interface to host USB Port
Power Management / Current consumption Supply Voltage 5V +/- .25V (supplied by USB interface)
Supply Current 200 mA (max) - While scanning fingerprint
60 mA (typical) - Idle mode
2.5 mA (max) - Suspend mode
ESD Susceptibility > 8KV
Temperature Operating 50 - 350 C
Temperature Storage -100 - 600 C
Humidity, operating 20% - 80% non-condensing
Humidity Storage 20% - 90% non-condensing
Retractable Touch Surface No less than 15,000 in/out movements
USB Specifications USB 1.1 compliant: Full-speed, high power, bus-powered, bulk transfer, remote wakeup
Cable USB 0.8m (31")
Standards Compliance FCC Class B, CE, VCCI
Applications Laptop Computers
Desktop PCs
Network PCs
PC equipment requiring user authentication
Physical access control
Point-Of-Sale (POS) terminals
Error .01% false accept rate for <4% false reject rate

System Requirement

• Windows 2000/NT4.0/ 98 / 95 OSR 2.1(USB)
• USB interface


Are there any limitations on the number of users supported by BioAuthorizeET?

No. BioAuthorizeET itself does not limit the number of users supported. BioAuthorizeET requires 300-350 bytes per fingerprint registered. It is only limited to the capacity of the machine in which the application is installed.

Can BioAuthorizeET work with a dead finger; plaster case mould of a finger or a fake fingerprint?

No. BioAuthorizeET works with live fingers alone.

Can BioAuthorizeET work with a fingerprint impression lifted off a surface?

No. BioAuthorizeET works with fingerprint impressions captured by U.R.U sensors alone.

Can fingerprints captured by BioAuthorizeET be used for authorized access to other systems?

Fingerprints registered by BioAuthorizeET are 128-bit encrypted (one-way irreversible encryption). This prevents misuse and unauthorized access to other systems that use fingerprints for authentication.

How many fingerprints can BioAuthorizeET register for the same user?

BioAuthorizeET currently supports the registration of one finger per user. However, the options for registering multiple fingers for a user can be included in the application, if the need be.

How are fingerprints stored in the BioAuthorizeET database?

BioAuthorizeET stores a fingerprint as a mathematical template. This data is 128-bit one-way encrypted. Fingerprint images are not stored in the database. This prevents abuse of fingerprint data.

Can a picture of the employee be stored along with the fingerprint?

Yes. This is available as an optional feature.

Can BioAuthorizeET work with more than one Fingerprint sensor for greater efficiency ?

Yes. A Dual sensor option is available.

How to find more information of BioAuthorizeET?
Product information could be obtained through the following
• Write to:
• Call: +91( 80) 41557176,7483150632
• Click:
How to buy BioAuthorizeET? BioauthorizeET can be ordered by following:
• Write to:
• Call: +91(80) 91 80 41557176,7483150632
• Through our alliance partners available nearest to your location. For information click


How to buy BioAuthorizeET?
BioauthorizeET can be ordered by following:
• Write to:
• Call: +91(80) 91 80 41557176,7483150632
• Through our alliance partners available nearest to your location. For information click